Marketing, can help make you more money

Plan, distribute and track the success of your marketing campaigns

What do you currently do to market your butchers shop?

You could easily start a marketing campaign with The Butchers App helping you.

Long gone are the days of sitting in your shop and waiting for your customers to form an orderly queue at the door. To remain competitive you must reach out to past, present and future customers and entice them to come to your shop and spend their money with you. Customers are being bombarded left, right and centre with marketing messages all day every day, it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd using traditional methods, such as newspaper advertising.

Designed to compliment your existing marketing strategy, or give you a helping hand if you don't have one, The Butchers App allows you to reach out and send all your customers a special offer or a discount via SMS or Email.

Not only does it help you engage with your customers, it is also used to track the effectiveness of your advertising methods by logging how many customers come in store to redeem a voucher or offer that you have sent out.


Always know who your customers are, where they are and most importantly - how to get in touch with them.


Send special offers, discount codes and inform people of your latest news.


Having powerful information at your fingertips enables you to offer a more personalised service to your customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective way to market your business and products. You can send your customers a company newsletter, announce any awards you receive, notify them about seasonal products or special offers and discounts in store.

Why send an email to your customers?

  • Direct - easy and cost effective way to communicate directly with customers. 
  • Increase sales - encourage repeat purchases and up-sell/cross-sell other products. 
  • Enhance brand awareness – communicate regularly with customers to keep your brand fresh in their mind. 
  • Measureable results – track how many people you sent the email to, how many opened it and how many took action.

SMS Marketing

Get your customers attention immediately

SMS marketing is an effective way to let your customers know about any special offers, providing the perfect complement to your email marketing efforts.  Why not send your customers a quick SMS message to let them know about any offers you may be running, or remind them of an offer which may be about to expire so they don’t miss out!

Why send an SMS message to your customers?

  • Read rates of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery.
  • SMS messaging allows you to send the right message at the right time to virtually all your customers
  • Time sensitive communication with your customers, reminders of offers and last minute sale alerts.
  • Effective way to contact your increasingly mobile customers and advise them of offers they may otherwise not have been aware of.
  • Efficient way to reach your customer and the most relevant way to engage with them, build your brand trust and track the effectiveness of any advertising you do


The Butchers App allows you to create voucher codes which you can distribute to your customers, via SMS, Email, social media or other traditional advertising methods.  When a customer comes into your store to redeem the voucher this is logged, giving you a record of how successful your marketing campaign was. 

Why send a voucher to your customers?

  • Send time limited offers giving a percentage discount or money off to be redeemed in store
  • The sophisticated tracking system ensures that each voucher code is only used once per customer
  • Compliment existing marketing efforts, for example by using a voucher code in your newspaper advert

Key Highlights

  • Send special offers, discounts or other marketing materials to customers via SMS or email
  • Communicate directly with customers and regularly update them with email newsletters etc.
  • Send reminders of offers and last minute sales
  • Measure the success of your marketing efforts
  • Create and track voucher codes

Help your customers save up for that special occasion.

Find out the easy way to manage your savings club and encourage your customers to spend more.