Help your customers save for that special occassion

With a Savings Club that's easy to manage

Help Customers Save

Give your customers the chance to save throughout the year for special occasions by paying into an account. A savings club can help to build your reputation for providing great customer service.

Traditional savings clubs use stamps and cards which cost money and can easily get lost, leading to problems and potential disputes. 

When a customer pays into their account the transaction is instantly recorded and stored securely within The Butchers App. Every customer account can be managed and a full transaction history can be displayed. The App also gives you the ability to print off a balance or generate a transaction report for an individual customer at any time.

Key Highlights

  • Customers can pay into an account throughout the year
  • All transactions recorded and stored within the Butchers App
  • All managed easily within the app with no need for stamps or cards
  • Print off balances for customers
  • Generate transaction reports

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