Say goodbye to tally marks!

Get instant access to realtime reports without hunting through bits of paper

Know what you need, when you need it

  • Determine how much stock you need to fulfil your advanced orders for a specific day or date period
  • Maintain an accurate count of individual weights of each product that have been ordered 
  • Plot the location of all your customers on a map, so you can target your offline advertising effectively 
  • Identify how many customers you have in your database, and how many have given you permission to send marketing messages 
  • Identify how much money has been paid in or out, who the customers were and which member of staff logged the savings club transactions when cashing up at the end of the day

Would you like more time to do the things you enjoy?

Now you can keep up to date with what is happening in your shop when your not there...

The realtime monitor is built in with The Butchers App and this gives you the ability to monitor from your phone, tablet, pc or TV allowing you to see every action that your staff take within the app including:

  • New orders
  • Updated orders
  • Price changes
  • Savings Club Transactions
  • Loyalty Transactions

Key Highlights

  • Customers can pay into an account throughout the year
  • All transactions recorded and stored within the Butchers App
  • All managed easily within the app with no need for stamps or cards
  • Print off balances for customers
  • Generate transaction reports

Learn more about how The Butchers App fits into your way of doing things

From a single location to multiple locations, our customers use the app in various ways.