Christmas, Retail and Trade Orders

Efficiently manage your advanced orders all year round.

No need to decipher hand written scribbles anymore!

The Butchers App allows fast and accurate collection of orders, maximizing face time with your customers

Streamline your processes and spend more time working on your business instead of working in your business. The Butchers App has many time saving features to help you redefine the way you capture, plan, and fulfil your orders.


Our streamlined order capture process allows you to capture an order in under 60 seconds.


Know what you need, when you need it and where you need it to go.


Having powerful information at your fingertips enables you to offer a more personalised service to your customers.


The 5 step process to capture an order allows you to give your old order book the chop!


Know what you need, when you need it and where you need it to go.

Manage stock

Being able to know in advance what stock you need for your advanced orders, helps you to reduce wastage by anticipating your stock requirements more accurately.

Organise deliveries

The Butchers App lets you organise your deliveries at the touch of a button. Orders can be placed into different delivery routes using a simple drag and drop process. Once you are satisified everything is ready to go you can lock the orders into a delivery route and pass the information on to your driver.


From generating a pick list to handing the order to your customer The Butchers App helps simplify the order fulfilment process.

Generate pick lists

However you pick your orders, The Butchers App fits into your existing process by generating a pick list either individually or for a group of orders.

Delivery route list

Hand your driver a list of all deliveries to be carried out, organised into the most effective route during the planning stage. Once delivery has been completed the driver can log this and also any monies collected.


Generating an invoice has never been easier. If your customer is on a monthly account you can quickly and easily produce an invoice at any time. All historical invoices can be accessed quickly via Manager Mode.

Key Highlights

  • Seasonal, Retail and Trade Orders processed quickly and efficiently
  • User friendly design makes taking orders simple
  • Staff have access to product information at the touch of a button
  • Touch the magic wand to convert from imperial to metric and back again
  • Add notes to orders 
  • Issue receipts to customers with order information and collection slot reminder 
  • Generate Pick Lists
  • Manage delivery routes and print delivery notes
  • Generate invoices automatically
  • Order information accessible from anywhere 
  • Full audit trail for each order allowing you to see which member of staff took an order and when it was taken
  • Add new product lines quickly and efficiently 
  • Realtime stock reports help you plan what you need and when you need it 

Start planning, sending and tracking your marketing today.

Finally, you have a way to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts!