Get to know your customers like never before

Enhance and expand customer relationships with a database that’s simple and quick to use.

Manage Your Customer Relationships

a customer relationship management system gives you the power to:


Always know who your customers are, where they are and most importantly - how to get in touch with them.


Send special offers, discount codes and inform people of your latest news.


Having powerful information at your fingertips enables you to offer a more personalised service to your customers.


Know who they are

Create a customer profile to give you instant access to information at your fingertips,

New customer details are easily captured and stored within the database and are only collected once. The postcode lookup facility makes capturing these details as quick and efficient as possible. Email and mobile details are also collected for marketing purposes.

Know where they are

The Butchers App allows you to target marketing in specific areas due to the map function. With their details already stored in the database, customer locations can be plotted on a map so you can identify where your customers are based. Direct more customers to your shop by identiying areas with high or low numbers of customers and focusing marketing efforts accordingly.

Know how to get in touch

Increase your average spend per customer with accurate insights into what your customers are buying throughout the year. All historical orders and customer spending is recorded within a database.

Easily identify your highest (and lowest!) spending customers. The App allows you to see at a glance what your customer ordered last week, last month or last year.


Reach out to customers

Have you won an award recently?

How did you inform your customers that you are an award winning butcher?

Don't keep the good news to yourself, share it with your customers, by reaching out to them through The Butchers App.

Keeping your customers up to date via SMS and Email allows you to send special offers, discounts and voucher codes to encourage them to come to your store and spend more of their hard earned money with you. 

Develop your brand awareness, increase your number of regular customers and above all provide an exceptional customer experience.

Learn more about how The Butchers App can help you make the most of your marketing efforts.


Provide a personalised service

Storing all historical orders and customer spending within a database allows you to provide an enhanced customer experience, for example:

  • Remind customers the weight of the turkey they ordered for Christmas last year 
  • Send your customers a text message if they have forgotten to place their Christmas order 
  • View all of your customers on a map and tailor your marketing strategy to street level
  • Send special offers and promotions direct to your customers

Key Highlights

  • Captures detailed customer information quickly
  • Historical orders and spending recorded for every customer
  • Show customer locations on a map
  • Send personalised emails and text messages to customers
  • Inform customers of promotions instantly
  • View detailed customer information including Savings Club and Loyalty Account Balances on one screen

Tired of trawling through handwritten orders?

Learn more about the easy way to manage your christmas, retail and trade orders.