Building customer loyalty, one point at a time.

Give your customers a special reward as a thank you for coming back to shop with you.

Build Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is hard to win but easy to lose. Let The Butchers App help you attract new customers and reward your existing loyal customers.

The Butchers App tracks your customer transactions and converts them into loyalty points, allocating 1 point for every £1 spent. A customer can request their points be converted into a voucher, for example if the customer has 1000 points that can be converted into a £10 voucher for them to use in store.

A customer loyalty program can help you:

Encourage customers to return to your store more frequently. Customers will focus on how many points they are collecting and will return to your store to collect more.
Increase the average spend of your customers. By offering bonus points on certain products or for completing certain actions you can offer incentives to your customers to spend more.
Identify your highest spending customers, allowing you to target special offers to specific customers.
Attract and retain new customers by giving them a reward for shopping with you. If your competitors don't have a loyalty program, customers are more likely to shop with you.
Reconnect with customers who you haven't seen for a while, by sending them a unique voucher via SMS or Email.

Key Highlights

  • Tracks customer transactions
  • Converts transactions to loyalty points
  • Ability to offer additional incentives on certain products
  • Converts loyalty points into vouchers the customer can use in store

Know what you need, when you need it

The reporting system helps you maximise your returns by knowing your stock requirements in advance